Random English-Post

As you can read in the title of this post, it will be in English this time. My English is not the best, so sorry if I make any mistakes (what will probably happen a lot!!)
I just want to write a bit about the last (and the next) days.. Well, school is very hard at the moment, I am tired all the time, even in the morning when I just woke up. I do not have any motivation to go to school, sit around and be bored or stressed or tired. I just want to lay in my bed the whole day and sleep or watch some TV. I am not in a good mood, espeacially now, where my Mum is in Tunesien for her holiday. I have to say that I feel a bit alone here in Germany, because my boyfriend have not much time either.
Since Tuesday I listen to the old “Taylor Swift” songs (I think they are about 3 years old now?) and while listening I have to think about the past and “the good old days”.
And I looked trough the pictures of ROM, missing the sun and the pretty cool evenings with my friends. I have a lot of time to think about a lot of stuff, that is not really good because most of it makes me feel sad. Well I am really looking forward to see my Mum again on Monday-evening and to be by my grandparents with her next week. And I am really really looking forward to get my new “Zoeva rose gold luxury set” which I will order in a few days. I am so happy about it.


Well now I will go to bed because I am so tired the whole day (and I had also sport-lesson today, ugh).

Kisses, Eva ♥



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